Getting Deals by Letting People Know You’re a Real Estate Investor

In this video, I discuss some inexpensive ways you can generate leads without having to spend a ton of money... I get a ton of calls simply by having my telephone number on the side of my truck -- whenever I park, I make sure to find a … [Read More...]

Did This Real Estate Investment Deal Really Happen???

Sometimes in real estate investing you will lose deals that you should have gotten. On the other hand, you will make deals that are practically impossible to make. Real Estate Investing can be unpredictable. Just when you think you got it … [Read More...]

Finding Profitable Real Estate Deals in Your Area

Successful real estate investors help people solve their their real estate problems. In order to help, you need to know how to find the people that need your help. They also need to know how to find you. Which means you must advertise … [Read More...]

How to Control Houses Through Lease-Purchase

A lease purchase agreement is another name for 'lease with an option to buy'. It's the kind of real estate purchase which combines the rental agreement with an exclusive option to buy at a later date. Many Investors use this option to take … [Read More...]